What the scrap car Stafford dealers want and what they do with it

Scrap cars are a commodity that are in great demand all over the country. Whether you’re local to Birmingham, Nottingham, or Shrewsbury you should be able to get a great price for the scrap materials in your old car. But for the best way to process a scrap car Stafford yards have the right idea. With years of experience and a highly organised scrapping system, a scrap car Stafford dealers take up is truly in good hands.
The kind of scrap car Stafford drivers often thrown away can be the key to great cash prices from the right dealership. Many people don’t realise how much demand there is for a scrap car Stafford people no longer want, and how much flexibility they have when they choose how to get rid of their own vehicle. The materials that a typical scrap car will contain (raw materials such as glass, plastic and metal) are prized highly by companies in various industries, who will buy these materials from a ‘middleman’ at a scrap yard. So these scrap yards are always looking for new trade – and the average scrap car Stafford yards deal with can net quite a bit of cash for its owner.
When processing a scrap car Stafford dealerships only ask for the current user’s contact details (name, address, phone number); vehicle details (the cars make, model, registration number); and, for some scrap yards, a bit of information on the cars condition (which components are and aren’t in place and in working order.) When you’ve provided these details about your scrap car Stafford scrap yards and dealerships have all the information they need to process your car, and to sell on all the parts.
A common misconception on the part of those dealing with scrap car Stafford based dealerships is that only an intact car will be of any use, as nobody wants to buy a car that doesn’t work! However, people who think this are missing out on a great cash opportunity. Someone whose scrap car Stafford dealers are able to take to pieces, in order to sell on the raw materials, may find themselves walking away with a sizeable amount of cash.
However, the cash isn’t the only good thing about scrapping an old car, rather than trying to sell it on – or even give it away. Surprisingly, you can’t transfer ownership of a car in any way – even giving it away as a gift – without dealing with all of the DVLA’s regulations, forms and red tape. That’s why the kind of scrap car Stafford dealers process varies greatly. For every scrap car Stafford dealers get which is a complete wreck, there might be another one which, although irreparably broken, still has most of its parts. Owners choose to scrap these cars because it is such a hassle free procedure compared to selling them on or giving them away. If you want to get rid of a scrap car Stafford dealers will usually be happy to have it, no matter what condition it is in. In fact, some dealers will even pick the car up for you.
When passing on a scrap car Stafford drivers should check that the company which will be responsible for processing it have an ELV (End of Life Vehicle) licence. If you offer a scrap car Stafford dealers should be able to show you their ELV licence, which certifies that they are legally allowed to scrap the cars. You don’t have to obtain a licence yourself, just check to see if the dealer has one. These licences, which became necessary in the year 1990 after a decision by the Environmental Waste Agency, are used because, sadly, the types of scrap car Stafford and other cities are full of are often full of dangerous fluids and materials, which need to be removed before the car can be safely processed.
A scrap car Stafford dealers (with End of Life Vehicle licences) process should consist of the care being drained of all these toxic fluids) engine fluid, window washer fluid, petrol, transmission fluid, power assisted steering fluid, air conditioning refrigerant and brake fluid). Also, parts of the car made of rubber and other materials which can be toxic when burnt (including mercury, batteries containing dangerous chemicals, etc.) should be removed. These, unlike metal, plastic and glass, cannot be recycled. When you hand over your scrap car Stafford dealers, who have their End of Life Vehicle licences and know how to deal with all of these issues before the car parts are recycled, should be able to give you a destruction order form, certifying that the scrap car has been or will be disposed of in a way that is legal and that is best for the environment.
Of course, it is beneficial to the environment to recycle a car, rather than abandon it. The kind of scrap car Stafford people most often bring to dealers is the same kind as that which is often found abandoned in streets or rural areas, presenting a hazard to local animals and children as it is full of dangerous fluids and materials. As components fall off an abandoned car or are stolen, there is no way to know where they are going. They could be polluting a river, a piece of woodland, or somebody’s garden. This is why the scrap car Stafford dealerships are beneficial to the environment, as well as to your pocket. They make sure that all recyclable parts are removed and reused, to create new cars or other goods.
So when dealing with a scrap car Stafford drivers should be in no doubt about the right way to go. That is to make money on the transaction, to get rid of the car without hassle, and to be good to the environment. A scrap yard with a valid End of Life vehicle is the best possible way to dispose of any scrap car Stafford drivers need to get rid of. So if you’re based in or around Stafford, give the scrap yard a call today!

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