COVID-19 Vehicle Collection Preventative measures

1. Strict 2 Metre distance must be kept from collecting agent.
2. No paper invoice, a link to view it will be sent to you via text message.
3. Payment is by Bank Transfer only at this time, done at point of collection.
4. When the driver arrives he’ll call you, at this point place key and V5C on driver seat.
5. Call office for payment 0121 389 3555.
6. Driver posts remainder of V5 (yellow slip) back to you to notify to DVLA.
7. We recommend you notify DVLA online via

How long is quote valid for?

Our quotes are valid for at least 7 days.

How does your service work?

1. Please begin by submitting your car by using the Scrap My Car Form
2. Within 30 minutes we will contact you with an offer £££ via text message.
3. Once our offer is accepted our local agent will contact you to arrange a removal date & time.
4. Once the driver arrives, all the paperwork is completed and the scrap car is loaded onto the truck.
5. Your vehicle will then be transferred to our storage depot ready for disposal.
6. DVLA are notified.
7. You will then receive a letter in 4-6 weeks confirming your scrap car has been transferred.

How do you pay?

We can pay cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Will you inform DVLA?

We guarantee the DVLA will be notified in compliance with all government & environmental legislation. At the point of collection we fill in the yellow slip  on your V5c (Logbook), to transfer the liability of the vehicle to us from that time & date.

If you have lost your V5c please tell agent before collection and we can supply a transfer letter.

How long does collection take?

Normally between 5 – 10 minutes to load you scrap car. It can be longer if you vehicle is damaged or been parked up for over 6 months.

So why is your scrap car worth more to us, than other scrap car buyers?

After we’ve done the paperwork for DVLA & made payment, your car is transport back to our depot wherewe inspect the car and grade it.

At this point we decide whether it should be recycled at a Government approved ATF site or whether it can be re-marketed to our buyers worldwide who can repair it and give it a second life.

The small print

* Minimum price is quoted on average size saloon car, complete with paperwork & being driven to one of our sites.
** We’ll only match like for like quote.
*** Subject to location, whether finance is outstanding & availability of transporters

Newspaper Advert Terms:
Minimum £150.00 for drive in cars – to qualify you must have newspaper ad which is less then two weeks old & the car must be road legal with all paperwork.
Get £5.00 added to your offer on collections – simply mention newspaper & code, codes valid for 7 days

All vehicles purchased maybe re-sold.